Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Switchin' It Up to Fall Style...

So, while drinking my morning coffee, I got lost in an abundance of "Beauty Fall 2011" articles... All the new colors, looks, trends.. a little overwhelming at 9am. Trying to keep up with every fashionista out there is already hard enough, but geez.. can I get through my morning coffee? (I obviously love reading up on anything beauty based :) Here are the top three beauty trends to hit the runways for Fall 2011.. and three ways to fit them into you're everyday life.

First trend I'm going to address is lip color. Every other color of red, except everyday apple red is in (go figure). How do we make this happen without purchasing all new colors? We layer what we have.. top apple red with brown (or burgundy) and get plum.. or mix that red with coral to make a sultry rose.. layering lipsticks to make new colors is always a fun, and affordable way to transition into Fall.

Second trend. Contrasting eye-shadow colors. There's two options to pull this trend off. You use both colors on your lid. For example: Apply green to the lid leaving a space at the crease.. fill the crease with purple. Second way we can do this is by using one shade on the lid and the other as a liner. Paint your lid purple then line your lower lashes with a pearly pale green. I do like this trend bc it seems pretty fun for a night out.. but to make it a little less loud, trying pairing a purple shadow with a plum or pale purple. Or a pale green shadow with an emerald liner.. If you don't have different color eyeliners, you can always convert any shadow color to a liner by using water.

Last trend that I read about- everyone is loving ORANGE- shadow, lipstick, blush! I plan to attempt this trend but instead of orange.. I'll do a pale peach color.. A pale peachy blush would look fabulous on transitioning skin. As for bright orange shadow.. I may pass for now.

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