Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Favorites

Hello Beauties!! Fall is here and I want to share with you my favorite product of the week. It is perfect for making those lips look fuller with just an outline of color, and making them look hydrated and younger with a touch of shine. So…if you can’t guess already, I am talking about one of our fabulous products…Outline and Shine.

If you have always dreamed of having fuller looking lips without getting any type of procedure done…this is the product for you! Outline and Shine is a flesh colored lip liner that you apply to the outer lines on your lips to give the illusion of bigger and fuller lips. This is also great for avoiding any type of smearing or running of the lipstick (which we all have had at some point in time!). Once you have lined the lips, you can apply your lipstick. I suggest using a lip brush to apply the lipstick so that your lipstick follows the exact shape of your lips. Lastly, if you want that touch of hydration and shine, apply the highlighter to the center of your lips.. This is a great trick to add volume and make the lips look hydrated. 

I love using this product with our Perfect Palette Lip Wardrobe because it is perfect for FALL!

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