Wednesday, August 10, 2011


SOOO. We just created this new amazing product that I officially can not live without. For all who know or have tried our Line and Crease diffuser... THIS IS EVEN BETTER! It's like a face primer, as in you place it on your entire face pre makeup, but it's so much more that just that! Like the Line and Crease diffuser, this will diminish the look of pores and diffuse lines and wrinkles.. AND ON TOP OF THAT it's jammed pack for of amazing skin invigorating ingredients to hydrate and fight free radicals.. AND anti-aging ingredients to boost collagen growth, improve skin tone, and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It's feather light and silky smooth, leaves your skin flawless, and completely corrects any imperfections. I have even skin tone, my huge pores are gone, crows feet bye-bye, and to make life even more amazing... I'm pretty sure it's helping my break outs and scarring.

I'm very excited.. I will keep you posted as to when we think it will be launching.. just wanted to let everyone know that the holy grail of makeup has officially been created.. and that if it came with a diamond ring that it could possibly be the love of my life.


  1. I can't wait for it to launch! I love all your products I've tried.

  2. This make-up primer sounds pretty fabulous :)