Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday makeup tips

‘Tis the season to be glitz-a-fied without looking shinier than a Christmas ornament….
One of the biggest mistakes that women make over the holiday season is applying too much glitter or metallic shine to their eyes for the holidays. Here are some ways to perfect your holiday glow:

-Shimmer shadow on the inner corners of your eyes
-You could do a soft eye with a bold lip (Dalton Mix and match Lip Wardrobe or 4 piece lipgloss set)

-Smokey eye with a pale pink lip
-You never want to be heavy in all three focus’s of the face- lips, eyes, cheeks.

-Add some bronze to your life (after all some of us have not been exposed to the sun since the end of summer)
There is nothing wrong with adding some glitter to your eye makeup during the holiday season…but you don’t want to overdo it. So the best way to add some glitz to your glam is to add a tiny bit of glitter over top of your eyeliner. That way, you don’t have a ton of glitter all over your face- but you have enough to make an impact.

If you happen to have a metallic eye shadow that you wear for the holidays maybe dab some lightly on top of your lid to give a hint of iridescence. Otherwise, if you do too much- you may end up looking more like you are in costume makeup.
Remember- you want people to notice you first, not your makeup!

Happy Holiday’s to all of our Dalton Dolls!! XOXO     

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