Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Berry Lips- Look of the Moment

So I've been attempting to pay more attention to the colors I see women wearing when I'm out, and I'm noticing a lot of ladies wearing a berry lip. I myself love the berry lip (I live in our shade Captive) and think that it compliments all skin tones. Olive, Fair, Medium, Dark.. all look gorgeous in a berry lip color. Day time, night time.. it can be worn at all times, yet it's all how you wear it. For a day berry lip, stay very neutral with the rest of your make up. Fresh face and light eyeliner, with a hint of blush (just a little!) will make this very doable for day time. To take this look into night, I'd add a little more drama with the eyeliner, and a gold/brown/plum shadow palate to the eyes. I'd keep the hint of blush, but add some contour to the face with a bronzer/contouring color.

My lipstick routine: First, and always with any color, I use Outline and Shine. This is a flesh color lipliner that goes OUTSIDE of the lips to create the illusion of larger lips. This also will stop your lipstick from running or smearing (perfecto!). Next, I apply lipstick with a lip brush. This enables me to line the lips and be precise. If I'm going out, I will pop a bit of gloss to the middle of my lips for a little more added volume and drama and I am ready to hit the town.
I encourage everyone to try the berry lip. I know it can be a little intimidating, but I promise it's a game changer.

XO Dalton Dolls-

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  1. LOVE Dalton products! I wish this would be brought back where we can easily find it! I love the creme liner with the sealing lid with Dermaflex in the formula. It stays forever. I would love to have the juicy shiny lips also. Everyone knows that Doris KNOWS beautiful lips!! WHY did it disappear?